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Italian-designed and Italian-made. Drawing inspiration from the indomitable and elegant goddesses of Roman mythology and the ageless Mediterranean Sea, Etrusca Gioielli dedicates its precious creations to women who embody its values: Boldness, Sophistication, and Vibrancy.

Etrusca Gioielli is designed to be a sensory experience. The blending of surfaces, textures, and colors is intended to delight the senses in the way the jewelry feels to the touch and the way the light reflects upon the textures and facets. (3).jpg

Memories of the Future

Inspiration is drawn from daydreaming of distant lands and times. The design ethos of Etrusca Gioielli is about the search for an aesthetic manifesto that dwells in perfect harmony with Nature. A journey between past and future, where one can embrace past, present and future experiences. (3).jpg (8).jpg

The Charm of the Mediterranean

Etrusca Gioielli contains all the elements of the Mediterranean and endeavors to express its physicality through design. Precious and semi-precious natural stones, with their unpredictable nuances, unique colors, and delicate finishes are reminiscent of the reflections of the sun's rays on the rippling waves of the Mediterranean Sea. The angles and facets that catch the light remind us of the afternoon sun illuminating the white-washed stucco of a charming seaside villa.

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